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Jamaica Chaplain class.

Jamaica Chaplain Training

In November 2022, FCI instructors volunteered their time and traveled, along with FCI Regional Commander Chaplain Jonathan Carey, to the mountains of Jamaica, where they trained 35 students. 
Barbados Chaplain class.

Barbados Chaplain Training

In September 2022, FCI instructors traveled to Barbados and trained seventy-eight local Christians, Pastors, Professionals, First Responders, and Ministry Leaders in Chaplaincy. 
Dominican Republic Chaplain class.

Introducing Chaplaincy in the Dominican Republic

In January 2022, FCI instructors traveled to the Dominican Republic and trained fifty-four local Christians, Pastors, and Ministry Leaders in Chaplaincy. 
FCI instructors in Nassau Chaplain Class.

Introducing Chaplaincy in the Bahamas

In November 2021, FCI instructors traveled to Nassau and trained the ministry’s first Chaplain class in the Caribbean.
2018 Vietnam Chaplain Training.

God is moving amongst the Vietnamese through Chaplaincy

In 2018, FCI traveled to Vietnam to train a group of local believers who are passionate about taking the love of Jesus to people in crisis.