2018 Vietnam Chaplain Training.

God is moving amongst the Vietnamese through Chaplaincy

In 2018, FCI traveled to Vietnam to train a group of local believers who are passionate about taking the love of Jesus to people in crisis.

They trained 34 local Vietnamese Chaplains to serve in North Vietnam and form an official FCI Corps in Hanoi. FCI-trained Chaplains have now been able to make a significant impact on the hurting in their community, such as intervening with suicidal people with whom they come into contact, serving in several drug rehab centers, and ministering in homes of local families is crisis.

In 2019, FCI Vietnam instructors began training new Chaplains in two different schools in Da Nang and Hanoi, multiplying the impact of FCI’s earlier trip.

Please pray for our Vietnamese brothers and sisters as we continue to see God at work through Chaplaincy!